MycoCam 2

MycoCam 4 - Still free, now with Focus Stacking!

MycoCam 4 is a Windows program which enables you to:

  • Capture images using your microscope, webcam, digital camera, and multimedia-capable PC
  • Take a single frame to freeze motion
  • Take measurements from still images from your digital camera, or from any JPEG image file
  • Add a series of images to a stack for processing either by the built-in focus-stacking function, or by a proprietary program.
  • Remove the blemishes, distortion and false colour introduced by your microscope optics
  • Store and recall calibrations for all your microscope objectives
  • Process the images many different ways to enhance the detail
  • Make accurate measurements quickly and easily straight off the image (a breeze if you have a wheelmouse!)
  • Store and recall images and their measurements
  • Show minimum, average and maximum values
  • Show ratio of length to width (Q), often the most reliable microscopic characteristic
  • Compare a new image and its measurements with a previously-stored image
  • Save the images as JPEGs for inclusion in your album or web pages

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